Tragedy Strikes as Three Siblings Found Dead Locked in Box

In a tragic incident in Rawalpindi’s Shah Khalid Colony, three siblings, 2-year-old Zohan, 6-year-old Saira, and 7-year-old Faria, lost their lives after being confined in a box.

The children were left alone at home, intensifying the sorrow of the situation. According to reports from a Rescue spokesperson, the parents, who were employed in different jobs—the father as an online bike rider and the mother at a private mart—were not present at home when the tragic incident occurred.

Upon the father’s return, a frantic search ensued, ultimately leading to the devastating discovery of an empty flour box believed to be the container in which the children were locked.

Undoubtedly shattered by the unimaginable loss, the family made the heart-wrenching decision to return to their native area of Chakwal with the deceased children.

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