Special Investment Facilitation Council Reviews Progress and Strategies for Economic Stability in Pakistan

The Apex Committee of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) met to evaluate advancements in fostering investments in Pakistan. Chaired by the caretaker prime minister, discussions encompassed strategies such as the privatization of financially struggling government institutions. In a separate interaction, the Army Chief reiterated the armed forces’ dedication to supporting the nation’s economic stability.

The gathering, led by the caretaker prime minister, focused on appraising measures to strengthen investments across Pakistan. It expressed satisfaction with collaborative efforts between governmental and private institutions, emphasizing the acceleration of engagement with friendly nations to attract foreign investments.

A key committee emphasis was the expedited engagement with friendly nations to attract foreign investments. Discussions underscored the importance of investing in the country’s oil and gas sector, with directives to develop a comprehensive action plan for sustainable resolutions to associated challenges.

The Prime Minister urged relevant institutions and officials to ensure effective implementation of SIFC-driven actions through unwavering cooperation and diligence. The objective is to secure enduring benefits for Pakistan in the short and medium terms.

Simultaneously, in a meeting between the Army Chief and the caretaker prime minister, discussions centered around the security landscape within Pakistan and the broader region. The Army Chief reaffirmed the military’s unwavering commitment to supporting Pakistan’s sustainable economic resurgence, pledging full cooperation with the government’s endeavors.

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