Senate Passes Resolution Objecting Supreme Court’s Ruling on Military Courts

In a session led by Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani, the Senate approved a resolution concerning the recent Supreme Court decision on military courts. Senator Dilawar Khan, presenting the resolution, expressed concerns about the court’s interference with Parliament’s legislative authority. The resolution stressed the importance of using military courts, operational since 1967, for actions against terrorists, suggesting that the Supreme Court’s decision might inadvertently encourage terrorism.

Senator Dilawar Khan, during his presentation, highlighted the need for military courts in addressing attacks on military installations. He argued that the top court’s decision lacked consensus and contained legal ambiguities. Proposing a review of the decision by a larger bench, Senator Khan recommended trying individuals involved in the May 9 incident in military courts.

However, when the voting took place, Senators Raza Rabbani and Mushtaq Ahmed opposed the resolution. They emphasized that the issue remains a subject of debate among lawmakers.

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