Imran Khan Urges Immediate Talks as PTI Exodus Persists

Imran Khan, the Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, has called for immediate talks with state institutions to address the country’s challenges and steer it towards progress. In a live talk streamed on YouTube from his residence in Lahore, Khan expressed concern over the impending disaster of hyperinflation and accused the current rulers of neglecting the country’s welfare while hiding their ill-gotten wealth abroad.

During an interview with France 24, Khan revealed that he felt isolated at home, cut off from his party’s senior leadership, while many PTI supporters had been arrested or gone underground. He also expressed ongoing fears for his life following two assassination attempts, stating that he was far from safe.

Emphasizing that his call for dialogue should not be mistaken as weakness, Khan stressed that the excessive physical and economic measures imposed on the people of Pakistan would not resolve the nation’s problems. He asserted that the solution lies in state institutions functioning within their constitutional roles.

Highlighting the repercussions of suppressing the PTI, Khan cautioned those in power that their attempts to crush the party could lead to the destruction of the country. He criticized the ruling government for disregarding court orders to hold elections, suggesting that they were waiting for his elimination from the political scene. Describing the current state of Pakistan as a banana republic, he lamented the lack of respect for democratic processes.

Regarding recent defections from the PTI, Khan referred to them as “forced divorces” and condemned the May 9 arson attack on the residence of the Lahore corps commander. He underscored the importance of supporting the army and warned against weakening the institution, as it would ultimately weaken the nation.

Amidst the ongoing exodus from his party, Khan reassured the public that PTI’s popularity was increasing due to the crackdown and expressed confidence in winning any future elections. He urged patience from the nation, party leaders, workers, and supporters during these critical times.

Addressing the country’s economic indicators, Khan warned that hyperinflation, characterized by excessive and uncontrollable price rises, was imminent. With the dollar reaching a rate of Rs308 in the open market, he predicted that the salaried class would soon be compelled to take to the streets in response to the upcoming hyperinflation.

Meanwhile, Farrukh Habib, the PTI central information secretary, accused the coalition government of sowing hatred among the masses and committing excesses against PTI leaders, workers, and supporters. Habib demanded a fair trial for all suspects and called for humane treatment of those imprisoned in various jails. He reiterated the public’s demand for early elections and condemned the May 9 arson attacks on state buildings and army installations.

The political landscape in Pakistan remains tense as Imran Khan calls for talks amidst the continuing exodus from the PTI. The nation waits to see if dialogue can provide a way forward and address the pressing challenges faced by the country.

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