ANF Cracks Down on Drug Smuggling, Recovers Massive Hauls in Islamabad

In a massive raid at Islamabad International Airport, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) has recovered 580 grams of heroin from a parcel intended to be sent to London. The recovered heroin was cleverly hidden in women’s clothes, which were supposed to be sent to the United Kingdom’s capital. ANF has arrested three individuals for carrying the drugs.

In a separate raid in Islamabad’s E-11, the authorities have recovered five grams of cocaine from a Nigerian national. Another raid led to the discovery of marijuana hidden in speaker boxes inside a Suzuki pickup on Murree Road. ANF has arrested three more individuals for carrying drugs in these operations.

Moreover, in a joint operation of ANF and Punjab Rangers near Head Sulaimanki, four accused were apprehended, and five kilograms of heroin were recovered in the operation. In yet another drug bust, officials recovered 1.770 grams of heroin from two residents of Swabi near Faisalabad Railway Chowk. Interestingly, the heroin was securely hidden in sweet boxes, intended to be smuggled to Sharjah.

In Kabirwala Sarai Sidhu, ANF has recovered 2.300 grams of hashish, 600 grams of opium, and 300 grams of heroin. This drug bust marks one of the biggest hauls in recent times.

Furthermore, authorities have recovered 48 kilograms of opium hidden underground near Dalbandin of Chagai district in Balochistan. ANF has registered cases under the Anti-Narcotics Act against the arrested accused, and investigations have been launched.

The ANF spokesperson has stated that the agency will continue to crack down on drug smuggling, and these operations demonstrate the resolve of the government to eradicate drug trafficking from the country.

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