New Sex Video of Actress Meera Goes Viral on Internet


Controversy continues to haunt Lollywood actress Meera as less than two days after the revelation of her objectionable video online, another raunchy video of the sizzling actress went viral on internet.

The 2-minute 34 sec video clip shows clothless Meera having sex with her ex-fiancée Captain Naveed Pervaiz, the same guy with whom she was seen getting intimate in the earlier video. The latest sex clip is being termed as raunchiest in the history of Pakistan in terms of content.

Meera has once again termed video “fake” and “conspiracy” against her, saying it has been made with the help of “modern technology”.

“I haven’t seen the video and i don’t want to comment on this. I hardly believe if I ever made such acts. Somebody has made it in a very polished way. Our youth is very much into internet and all; editing, morphing, fabrications are so very common. I don’t believe in all this. The world is technologically advanced and making pics and editing videos is a common practice nowadays,” said Meera, flanked by Captain Naveed, in a talk show of a private Pakistani news channel on Thursday night.

The actress said conspiracies are being hatched against her since she has started the construction of charity hospital in her mother’s name in Haroonabad but whatever the conspirators do, they can’t deviate her from the mission to complete her project.

“I want to take my project to its final execution. I am sure this scandal will create obstacles in my mission, but InshaALLAH I will not stop working. Me and Naveed don’t live together, we both are individuals and have individual goals, me and Naveed have good level of understanding,” she said.

Meera urged her fans not to believe on the fake videos.

“If this has meant to happen it should have happened before, why now when I am trying so hard to support a charity cause, I will request all my viewers not to trust this news, it’s totally false,” said the actress.

Captain Naveed also termed the video as morphed and a conspiracy to disrupt the hospital project, saying he never had physical relations with Meera. He revealed that Meera was being blackmailed by an anonymous man through emails.

“An unknown man was following Meera via emails and were blackmailing her. People try to blackmail you and put allegations on you when you are a celebrity. Whenever Meera tried to pursue her project, people try to stop her,” he said.