Home Cinema Design: Ideas Created by Inspiration


Home cinemas have won a place in our homes, flats, backyards. What can be better than spending your free time with friends or beloved person in front of a huge screen with a bowl of popcorn or sweets? What can be more relaxing than enjoying your favorite movies with the sound purer than crystal ring?

Today it is easy enough not only to buy equipment but also to find building material, furniture and décor for creating a perfect design of a home cinema. It is also possible to classify home cinemas. Home cinema design acquires its distinctive features thanks to the place it occupies in a flat or a house. There exist three variants of home cinema location:
1. Home cinemas occupying a separate zone in the room (bedroom, sitting-room, study);
2. Home cinemas located in a separate room;
3. Home cinema located at the backyard.
We will analyze advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Design of home cinemas located in the separate zone

It’s a perfect choice for small flats, in fact it is the only possible choice sometimes. However, the owners of big houses also choose this type of home cinema quite often. The main disadvantage of such home cinema location is the difficulties with creating good sound proofing. Sometimes the sound proofing of the whole room is required, this is a very expansive measure.
Still, such design solution has its advantages: there is no need to spend money on furniture, the room has everything you need for providing you and your guests with a comfortable movie session. It is so easy to offer tea and make up a table with appetizers for your visitors.


There are two main tendencies in design for separate home cinema zones: to hide equipment and to show it. When showing home cinema equipment the loudspeakers, screen and even remote control become the elements of design. In case home cinema owners want to hide equipment, all gadgets are moved to the wardrobes, walls and conceal the screen so that it could become unnoticeable when not used.

Design of home cinema located in a separate room

The most efficient approach of making a sound proofing area is to equip the whole room with home cinema gadgets. Acoustic panel, special soft furniture will allow you to fully enjoy the possibilities created by modern home cinema. It is also advised to create two options of lightning: bright and dimmed, different effects can be achieved in different situations.

Your imagination will be the only obstacle when creating a design for home cinema. Simple furniture and plain décor can be successfully used. Or you can make a unique design with the help of renovated furniture. The most creative persons are ready to use any improvised means to design a home cinema of their dream. For those who love to spend hours in the home cinema room, the bar, small table and refrigerator are highly welcome.

For sports funs the home cinema with several screens will become a good choice. Just imagine the possibility to watch several matches at the same time!

Open air home cinemas

Modern models of home cinema equipment are waterproof, they are not afraid of water stream at all! This creates a wonderful possibility to design a home cinema at the courtyard! A terrace or a pavilion is a successful design solution, but it is possible to install home cinema equipment simply on the backyard lawn. As for me, I think this one is the best fit as I work for the writing service and think it’s quite relaxing for a creative personality.

Finally you have a possibility to test the strength of loudspeakers, if your neighbors don’t mind of course! The folding screen and a projector of a small size will allow you to enjoy watching movies at the backyard when the weather is excellent. In this case you don’t have to think about the permanent home cinema equipment.

We hope the photos will help you to choose the best design for the home cinema area. Remember! Home cinema gives us hours of total relaxation! No matter what kind of design you will choose, what kind of equipment will buy, the main condition of having joy when watching movies is to create a pleasant atmosphere and harmony.