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Raja-Pervez Ashraf

SC orders arrest of Pervez Ashraf

In a surprising development Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered to arrest Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Pervez Ashraf. Apex court passed this order during hearing of corruption in rental power plants. Rental power plants were hired to overcome severe energy crisis of the country but failed to deliver because of corruption culture in Pakistan. No electricity could be produced despite spending billions of rupees. A petition was filed in Supreme Court by PML(N) lawmaker Khawaja Asif seeking investigation of mega corruption in the project. Different high level officials including Water and Power minister Raja Pervez Ashraf.

Supreme Court in its order has ordered to arrest all the accused in 24 hours and submit a report in the court. Supreme Court order has increased political uncertainty in the country and has added to vows of the country.

It is yet to see whether NAB officials will dare to enter and arrest sitting prime minister of the Country.

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