Former Town Nazim Osama Qadri Recovered from SSP East office


KARACHI: A former town nazim of MQM who went missing under mysterious circumstances has been recovered from SSP East Office, Pakistan Tribune reported on Friday.

According to available details, Osama Qadri who served as Nazim of Liaqatabad town went mysteriously missing after inaugurating a restaurant in Clifton area of Karachi.

Rabita Committee of MQM forcefully raised voice against his abduction and demanded from the government to ensure safe return of their activist at the earliest.

CCTV footage showed Osama Qadri walking away with some unidentified persons. Later, it was revealed that Qadri was taken away by officials of an investigation agency for interrogation.

Later, ex-nazim was freed after pressure mounted on police and the investigation officials as media aired the CCTV footage.