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Protesting Dead bodies……esa des ha mera

Today Pakistan is known in League of Nations for all the wrong reasons. We are brand ambassadors of Terrorism, lawlessness, sectarian violence, crime against minorities, poverty and hunger. Major incidents of terrorism in world usually trace back to Pakistan (This can be debated). Government of Pakistan has lost its writ on major areas and different mafias are running the country.

At the very start of New Year Pakistan has set another record which can easily be inserted in Guinness Book of World record.   On January 10, 2013 provincial Capital of Baluchistan witnessed worst kind of terrorist attacks which claimed over 100 lives. Prime target of these attacks were Shia Muslims who are under attack since last few years. Sectarian violence sets and breaks its own records every day. Among the dead, 87 were from Shia Hazara Community.

Prior to January 10, 2013 terrorism in Quetta and Shia genocide was a routine. This can be gauged from the fact that political drone speech by Altaf Hussein appeared more important than loss of over hundred lives. Mainstream media outlets continued to broadcast a directionless speech delivered by an exiled leader. Due to this, damage could not be gauged immediately and became clear only after quite some time.

News of blasts ignited routine condolences messages by political leaders. Governor Baluchistan Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi admitted that they have lost right to rule but stopped short of resignation. It was reported in press almost one week ago that Governor Magsi wants to relinquish his post to be appointed as non-carrier diplomat in Switzerland. Visiting Chief Minister of Baluchistan was neither available in city nor in Country and was spotted enjoying in London.

Like earlier terrorist attacks it appeared business as usual for all except Hazaras. After losing another 87 lives enough was enough for them. Elders of Hazara community decided not bury their loved ones unless their demands are met. Their major demand was to sack Baluchistan Government and give control of the city to Military. Military and armed forces are usually blamed for unrest in Baluchistan but this demand shows that people still feel better protected under Army. Families of victims placed dead bodies of their on road and started stage-in.

protesting-dead-bodiesQuetta is experiencing unprecedented chill weather and rains and at night temperature drops below freezing point.  Under these circumstances, a stage-in attended by men, women, children and 87 martyrs was an extreme step which must have jolted government in any “Humanitarian Society”. Since it was in Pakistan it received very cold response. No important Government functionary was free to visit mourning families and heal their wounds. Interior minister Rehman Malik, who has ample time to visit London every now and then, was too busy to handle Tahir-ul-Qadri. Asif Ali Zardari could not come out of his bunker in Karachi while Premier does not believe in wasting time. He has very little time to bag his share from National exchequer and every minute counts.

Opposition is no different either. Our fearless opposition leaders preferred to condemn the incident in talk shows and could not dare a visit to mourning victims. Imran Khan was the first opposition leader to reach that too after 48 hours. He participated in stage-in and did not make any serious effort to pursue mourning families to bury the martyrs.

A well-dressed premier Raja Pervez Ashraf also reached Quetta on third day of protest. By this time it was too late Pakistan already had world record of 87 dead bodies protesting for over 48 hours. Quite contrary to expectations, instead of going straight to victims he went straight to Governor House. Till the writing of these lines he could not visit mourning victims.

Well done Pakistani leaders!!!You earned us another world record. Protesting dead bodies for days is no more a fiction.

Esa des ha mera

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