Internet Safety for Kids


Technology is continuing to creep into every aspect of our lives and children from a very young age now know how to competently use modern devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. Technology is now used in education in US childcare, the UK and childcare Ireland. Recent studies show that nine is the mean age that children begin to use the Internet. The Internet is a fantastic resource for children and their education as it opens them to a whole world of knowledge at their fingertips. Yet of course, as parents we must be aware of dangers that may arise and how to prevent these from happening. Letting our children use the Internet leaves them open to a number of threats like bullying, online predators or adult content so we have to ensure that we teach our children to use the internet responsibly. There are a number of measures that we can take to do so.

Precautionary Measures

There are a number of precautionary safety measures that we as parents can take to avoid inappropriate content being exposed to our children. Depending on your browser, whether you use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari you can change your settings to safe search. This means that only websites and content deemed safe and appropriate will appear for any of your searches. If you or your child uses YouTube, set up your own account. By doing this you can alter your personal settings to make sure that you block content that is inappropriate for a young audience.

Social Media & Instant Messaging

Of course we all know the benefits of social media and instant messaging. From keeping in contact with friends and family both nearby and far away as well keeping in touch with everything going on in the world. However, like everything on the Internet we have to be prepared for any pitfalls that occur along the course. Social networking including email, chat and social media channels are now an integral part of our everyday lives. When it comes to social networking and our children this is where communication is key and we have to learn to trust our children and their online behaviour. Warn and prepare your child for any predators or problems that they may incur like strangers trying to talk to them, cyber bullying and ensure that they know that you are there for them as support should anything unreasonable happen.

Open Communication

An open communication stream between parents and children is vital for a healthy relationship. If your child feels comfortable talking to their parents about any issue they are more likely to come to you for help and advice. Help and teach your child to understand how to responsibly use the Internet and technological devices to prepare them for what might lie ahead.

For the most part the Internet is a huge benefit to both adults and childcare, for information, education and communication. Now more than ever before kids are exposed to the Internet and advancing technologies. To use the Internet to its full potential and keep our children safe we have to make sure that they are well informed. This way our children can use the Internet to its optimum potential and serve an educational and fun purpose.