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Jenni Rivera died

Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash

Jenni Rivera dies in plane crashJenni Rivera, Mexican born American signer died on Sunday. She was travelling in a small plane that crashed in mountain areas of northern Mexico. She gave a dazzling performance on Saturday night. She addressed a news conference after the show and appeared tranquil and happy.

Shortly after the press conference Jenni Rivera boarded a small plane Learjet 25. She was scheduled as judge in a television show called “The Voice” in Toluca, west of Mexico City. Plane took off in clear skies but lost contact with control tower after reaching 11,000 feet height.

Learjet 25, build in 1969 crashed near remote city of Iturbide. Wreckage of the plane was spread over a fairly large area. There were no chances of life for any of the passengers. Mexican authorities are investigating the cause of crash.

Jenni Rivera, 43, was famous among fans as “La Diva de la Banda,” which means the Diva of Banda Music.

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