Mullah Nazir injured in suicide attack


WANA: Mullah Nazir, a pro Pakistan Taliban elder has been wounded in a suicide attack in Wana.  Suicide bomber struck Mullah Nazir in a busy market of the area. At least six people are reported killed in the attack.

Mullah Nazir is head of his own Taliban group and belongs to Wazir tribe of the area. He enjoys good relations with Al-Qaeda and Afghan Taliban. His faction of Taliban is involved in guerilla fighting against foreign troops on Afghan soils. Mullah Nazir has always opposed those who attack Pakistani security forces. His relations with Pakistan’s security establishment are main point of disagreement between Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and his faction. It will be too early to conclude that recent attempt on his life is result of above mentioned disagreement.

Mullah Nazir belongs to Wazir tribe which has long lasting rivalry with Mehsud tribe. It is quite possible that he has been attacked due to tribal conflict rather than his stance about Pakistan Army.

Local security officials confirmed the attack.

“A suicide bomber rammed his car into vehicle of Mullah Nazir in a marketplace in Wana. Nazir survived because he had already got out of the car. It is not immediately clear if the dead were all Nazir’s men or included some passers-by.” Official said.

Mullah Nazir is an important commander of the area and enjoys good local support. Sometime ago he expelled fighter from Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan from the territory under his control. Uzbeks had full backing of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

No group has claimed responsibility so far and it will couple of days to point finger to someone.