Raped Photojournalist Remains in Critical Condition


MUMBAI: Incidents of crime against women are on rise and Indian government seems unable to protect females across country. India is also being dubbed as “Rape Capital of the World” due to ever increasing number of gang rape cases in this hugely populated South Asian Country. On Thursday, news about gang rape of a young photojournalist shook the World.

On Thursday, a 22 year old photojournalist working as internee with a leading English Magazine of the country was brutally molested when she was on a late evening assignment with a male colleague in Shakti Mills area of Mumbai. The duo was confronted by a group of at least five intercepted and forced them towards a deserted place in sprawling Mills complex.

Attackers first beaten, molested and tied-up the male colleague and then the photojournalist. They remained unchallenged during this whole process and fled away afterwards. Police only knew about the incident after the duo reached hospital in very miserable condition. Female photojournalist who could not be identified owing to Indian laws was in extremely pathetic condition. She was admitted to Jaslok Hospital immediately.

Women photojournalist remained under special care in hospital and had to undergo a surgery. Her condition is stated to have stabilized after the surgical procedure and she is able to speak now. However, she is in state of severe mental shock and trauma until now.

“She has been under treatment since last night. She underwent a minor surgical procedure today (Friday) and now her condition has improved and stabilized. We expect a speedy recovery,” Jaslok Hospital spokesperson

On Friday, Mumbai police investigating the crime claimed to have resolved the case successfully in less than 24 hours. Mumbai Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh while talking to media in Mumbai said that all the persons involved in this heinous crime are all residents of the Mills compound are in their early 20’s. Police has nabbed one of the accused but his four accomplices are still at large. Police is conducting raids to arrest them and they will be behind bars soon.