Imran Khan Promises Exemplary Local Govt. System in KPK


Peshawar: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman (PTI) has pledged an exemplary local bodies system in the province which will be role model for others to follow. He was chairing a meeting regarding finalization of proposed local governance structure in KPK.

Khan, who seems to be more positively involved in politics and governance for the first time after general elections said that Pakistan does not lack resources to prosper but only lacks management and governance. He promised to present a corruption system of governance in KPK where his party has formed the government. PTI chairman announced that KPK will hold local bodies’ election on party basis.

Meeting participants also discussed proposed ‘Right to Information’ law which is supposed to grant general public access to official records of the province. This is seen as a very god initiative towards transparent governance.

Imran Khan said that “Right to Information: law is a major step towards implementation of PTI manifesto. Imran hoped that this law will help provincial government improve its taxation culture and structure. He was of the view that more people will be willing to pay taxes after knowing that where their tax money was spent.