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iPhone 5S specs

iPhone 5S/6 Release Date Rumors

Steve Jobs second coming at Apple Inc. not only revitalized the fledgling Cupertino based company but also introduced revolutionary products that completely redefined the tech industry. By unveiling the original iPhone back in 2007 the deceased technology mogul not only demonstrated the raw power of the company’s newly engineered smartphone but also changed the way cellular phones are used to communicate and browse the internet. Fueled by their most advanced operating system till date, the OS X, and combined with an app ecosystem that now boasts of thousands of productivity and entertainment apps which have been downloaded billions of times, the tech giant enjoyed massive success for several months until rivals Samsung and Google entered the competition with their own lineup of flagship products.

With a steep price and just one version of the product for sale Apple soon started facing stiff competition from its rivals who offered cheaper smartphones with equally good and sometimes better performance. Even though the company’s latest offering titled the iPhone 5 was met with rave reviews the tech giant failed to compete with Google’s Android powered phones which have been successful in capturing 75% of the worldwide smartphone market share.

iPhone 5S/6 Rumors

In order to compete with their rivals and regain their lost throne Apple engineers have been working round the clock to come out with a phone that can generate both fan and investor interest, something its predecessor has failed to do.

If Apple’s naming convention is considered rumor mill is still not sure whether the new product will be a 5S or a 6, but experts are speculating it will be a 5S keeping in mind the company’s pattern of releasing an “S” titled phone before a full numbered version is released. Rumors are also rife about three separate versions of the new iPhone to go on sale simultaneously which will be the first time Apple considers targeting low-cost and affordable phones for people on a budget – a tactic Apple’s competitors have successfully employed in the past. This not only gave them an important source of revenue but also helped them capture a customer base that wanted decent functionality without spending too much.

Release Date

Technology pundits are speculating that the next iPhone will be released some time during this summer, right after the unveiling of the anxiously awaited iPad 3. Rumors also suggest that the company is planning to introduce at least two smartphone products each year. An unveiling at the Worldwide Developers Conference of a few idevices that can run iOS spy software is also highly anticipated.


A Chinese publication by the name of China Times is claiming that the new iPhone will boast a Super HD “Touch On” Display which basically means twice the amount of pixels that were seen on the iPhone5 raising the overall count to 1.5 million.

Apple recently filed a patent for a Wireless Power Utilization technology which hints towards wireless charging capability as seen on Nokia Lumia smartphones for their future devices.

iPhone 5S/6 Release Date Rumors

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