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Golf Equipment Hot List of 2013

For any golfing enthusiast we all have our wish list of dream equipment. Whether it’s a new driver, or even clothes to wear on the green, it is easy to have a long list of wants to help improve our game. If you are golfing in Ireland, America, Asia or anywhere around the world it essential to have your basic equipment with even a few luxuries. We have put together a list of some of this year’s hottest golf equipment to guide you to success.


Adjustable drivers, what is your verdict? Over 60% of the winners at last year’s PGA Tour used one and of the top twelve drivers on the market at the moment eleven of them are adjustable. The Callaway Razor Fit Extreme is definitely a front-runner for the best driver of the year. Customers who buy the driver are able to create their own color combinations on the sole and the crown of the club. You can also pick custom grip and shafts and even have a personalized engraving on the sole. It’s definitely on the top of our wish list.

Fairway Woods

Fairway Woods have taken a sudden new popularity among golfers. What makes them so hot right now? Some of the newest models have a spring like effect similar to titanium drivers. We’re going to recommend the Adams Super S Fairway Wood that retails for $200. Its refined crown slot creates a higher launch angle without actually increasing the spin for an increased carry distance. The crown of the club is matte white with a contrasting PVD face. The Fairway Wood is easy to use and the increased face size helps for ease of alignment.


There has been a new found popularity in game improvement irons. These are intended to increase ball speed. Golfers who use these game improvers can benefit from graphite shafts. Of the top game improvement irons out there, over half of them were used by 2012 PGA Tour winners. The Cleveland 588 Forged CB is definitely one of the best out there and retails for a whopping $1000. The iron is produced from a soft metal, and has a soft yet solid feel when using. It allows for a great level of workability and trajectory control, which gives significant confidence to the golfer.

Golf Balls

Choosing a golf ball disguises itself as an easy task. We can easily forget about the range of golf balls that are on the market and just purchase what is most convenient. We’ve had a play around with golf balls in the $20-35 price bracket to find the best for play. The Bridgestone e5 is among some of the best and has changed playing for golfers everywhere. The e5 has some unique characteristics that make it special; these include its large gradational compression core, its tour calibre urethane cover and its 330 seamless dimple design. It’s the perfect ball for any round of golf and we recommend you purchase as soon as you can.

If you didn’t have your wish list together before reading this, maybe you do now. With an array of high-end golf equipment out there it hard to decide in what you really want to invest in. Whether you are a pro or even an amateur planning some golf vacations it is nice to have the best of the best to help you to success. Happy Golfing!

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