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Samsung Ready to Challenge Apple’s Retina Display

Technology giant Samsung is ready to challenge arch rival Apple’s land mark Retina Display with a new high resolution display. It is anticipated that Samsung will unveil its latest innovation at Display Week, an event organized by Society for Information Display to showcase latest innovations in display industry. Display Week 2013 is being organized in Vancouver, Canada.

Samsung is expected to give its rivals a jolt by showing off a 13.3 inch display with an amazing resolution 3200 x 1800 which is far better than 2560 x 1600 resolution display used in Apple Retina MacBook Pro.  This means that latest display by Samsung will have an amazing pixel density. Samsung screen will contain 276 pixels per inch compared with 227 pixels per inch for a similar Retina display.

Samsung has further claimed that latest display will be more energy efficient as it will consume only 2/3 of the power that present displays consume.  According to Samsung sources this fate is achieved by enhancing backlighting efficiency and decreasing the number of driver circuits.  Of course, there is more to displays than just resolution.

New display by Samsung sounds very promising but it is not immediately clear that which notebooks will be using this and when these notebooks will be commercially available. It seems that Samsung is playing the tactics of announcing products well ahead of their commercial launch to gain popularity.  However, one thing is very clear that Samsung is simply launching a brutal on Apple’s Retina Display and Display Week is such a good place to launch such an attack. This is yet to see how Apple responds to latest challenge.

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