Transparency International Reports Corruption on Rise in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD – Corruption in Pakistan is escalating at an alarming rate, Transparency International has revealed in its latest report.

The report titled ‘Fighting Corruption in South Asia: Building Accountability’, states that the corruption in South Asian countries is much higher than other regions in the world.

The report has urged Pakistan, and other countries South Asian countries including Nepal, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka to take stern measures if they are serious to fulfill their pledges to eradicate the menace.

The report states that despite being the first South Asian country to introduce a right to information law, the legislators in Pakistan couldn’t make the law effective.

“The Freedom of Information Ordinance falls short of international standards, while the new Right to Information Bill has been described as bad as it seeks to repeal, if not worse,” the report states.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s election campaign was largely built around the pledges of ‘zero-tolerance over corruption’ and ‘recovery of plundered money during PPP regime’, his government didn’t show interest in taking measures to hold the corrupt politicians accountable and instead the trends show gradual increase in the menace under his nose. The federal government has crippled the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to facilitate the looters of state wealth.

The Transparency Internationalreport has commended NAB for its accountability efforts in the country and exposing financial scam and urged the government to refrain from manipulating with the jurisdiction of national corruption watchdog and ensure transparency while appointing, transferring and removing the senior staff of anti-corruption agencies.

It is generally believed that Pakistan had not been able to get itself free from external pressures unless it produces sufficient resources to meet its expenses for which eradication of corruption culture is indispensible. The latest Transparency Internationalreport, even if not proved right, possesses ample potential of vilify the country’s image independent world. This is vey tragic indeed.